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Peter Sieling has been a woodworker, lumber processor and kiln operator for over twenty five years.  He has written several books for Mason Crest Publishing and Garreson Publishing, plus numerous articles for Bee Culture, Popular Woodworking, Sawmill and Woodlot,  Better Homes and Gardens Wood magazine, and Christian Science Monitor.  The author has owned and operated Garreson Lumber Company for over twenty years, drying over 750,000 BF of lumber.
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Bee Hive Construction: Reviewed in BEE CULTURE Oct.2003 - “If you own a table saw with a couple of blades, Peter Sieling will show you how to make your beekeeping equipment.  This modest book has the perfect detail needed to easily construct equipment with exquisitely detailed drawings.  If you saw his articles in Bee Culture, you know what I mean.  Lots of woodworking hints and tips, and even some beekeeping advice.”
Bee Hive Construction
By Peter Sieling
If you enjoy woodworking, you can save money and have fun making your own bee hives.   This book teaches you to make bee hives with a table saw using regular and dado blades.  The book covers bottom boards, shallow, medium and deep supers, inner covers, telescoping outer covers and Hoffman style frames. Plans are included for a simple finger jointing jig, plus other jigs to help efficiently cut multiple parts. 8 ½ x 11”. 
$12.00 includes shipping.
Praise for Beehive Construction from others:
“If you are a novice woodworker, we would encourage you to get the... articles by Peter Sieling on building bee hive equipment.  The articles are a step by step process of how to use the saw and make the various cuts required.... If you are serious about building good bee equipment, these two issues are way beyond what we can offer.   Peter is also the author of Bee Hive Construction published by Garreson Publishing.”
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Bee Hive Construction
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